Takut Ke Tak (2020) Full Movie

Sinopsis Takut Ke Tak

Lamenting the overuse of cliches in horror movies, Abbas and his friends, Yang Guo, Linda, Amir and Sivar, are determined to make the best horror movie ever for their graduation project. The group of film students then pick a haunted house for their shooting location. But during the shooting, they begin feeling like they are in an actual horror movie as strange things begin happening. They enter a room after hearing strange voices and end up stumbling into a strange wardrobe. This group of friends must now figure out a way to escape the haunted house.

Pelakon Takut Ke Tak

Nabil Aqil, Fabian Loo, Ika Nabella, Han Zalini

Tonton Takut Ke Tak


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